First Bout of Nervousness

Starting Over kicked off roughly two months ago, and I now officially have no customers “in the queue.” On a related note, I am also officially nervous.

Intellectually, I know this is unwarranted. If anything, I am actually ahead of schedule from a financial standpoint. But up until this point, I have had steady work with a couple key customers. Not enough to be permanently sustainable, but definitely enough to take the edge off while the business gains some structure and, hopefully, traction.

Those customers are, for now, happily sated with work product. And what lies ahead is ... a giant question mark with an extra helping of anxiety?

This is an emotional response, so I am giving it a day to run its course before making any decisions. Starting Over has been a blast, but everyone has good days and bad days. Sometimes the best strategy is simply to wait it out.

Part of the reason the lack of any obvious customers resonates is that I have not effectively created a marketing funnel. My primary marketing is personal reputation and word-of-mouth, and in the burst of actual work, I have not spent enough time working on relationships. I have strategies in place to help remedy this, but it will take time.

But for now I'm going to be content being nervous for a day, count it as a character-building experience, and keep moving ahead.